Silverette cups


SILVERETTE® are small nursing cups made out of 925 silver to help protect the nipples while breastfeeding. Silver is a natural antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti fungal and anti bacterial element and it heals and prevents cuts, wounds, cracks, soreness and infections. 

These cups are essential for anyone who is having problems with painful nipples or want to use them as a precautionary measure. They are completely easy to use and no creams or lotion are needed. It is no wonder that SILVERETTE® cups are having such resounding success with mothers, doctors and obstetricians.

SILVERETTE® are the only and original nursing cups made in Italy by fully licensed silversmiths since 2002. 


When you are done with your breastfeeding session, leave a couple of milk drops in each cup and apply them directly to the nipple like a cupping glass. Keep them on as much as possible between breastfeeding sessions. Remove cups before breastfeeding.

Do not use any other nipple treatments in conjunction with the SILVERETTE®. Doing so may compromise or reduce the efficacy of the product.


Make a paste using baking soda mixed in with a small amount of water. Rub the mix on the cups, rinse thoroughly and dry them.


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