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-"Well my son was born 1 week ago and I'm a believer! What a difference this time around with nursing. Just like my daughter he doesn't have a great latch and I was afraid I'd face the same cracks and searing pain for months. But after a couple of days using Silverette, I feel great! Cracks healing and no more pain! They also work wonders for any sensitivity as bras/shirts don't touch directly. Would consider a must have for any nursing mother! 1,000 times better than using Lanolin!" - J.T. Crossman, Amazon review


-"Holy cow! This healed the worst sore nipples." - J. Johnson, Amazon review


-"I bought these cups for my wife and she used them since our son was born. She loved every minute of her breastfeeding and she was blissfully unaware of the pains and aches most woman endure. We really think Silverette cups should be on the must buy list for all pregnant women! They prevent so many unnecessary pains and tears. She was so happy to use them!" - Amazon review


-"I received these cups as a gift from my mother in law that saw how miserable I was with breastfeeding (almost to the point of quitting). My nipples were bleeding from soreness and cuts and the pain was terrible but I really didn't want to quit...After a few days of wearing them 24/7 my nipples were so much better...they were actually healed! I couldn't believe it! I am so impressed about this product. I definitely recommend it to all those moms who want to breastfeed." - J. Fiorito, Amazon review


-"Thank goodness for these!!! Aside from all the things other people have said, they also prevent friction, and when everything feels like sandpaper on raw flesh, no friction is a blessed thing." - Amazon review


-"Awesome. Wish I would have known about these before the birth... And for my first. My nipples were cracked and bleeding. Sore is an understatement. I got these and was fine within 12 hours. I would recommend these to anyone bf." - L. Morrison, Amazon review


-"Best thing since sliced bread. If you are having issues with healing your nipple so eternal feedings you must try this product." - Kara, Amazon review


-"My third baby had tongue and lip tie tie, we got thrush twice in two months, I had vasospasms, I had a milk blister, and my nipples were so raw and sore from all the creams and ointments I was using. I cried every night for two months. I told my husband I was buying these and if it didn't work, I was going to have to start formula. It was depressing because I had nursed my older babies for more than a year. I spent the money to get theses and it was 100% the reason I am still feeding my four month old. In two nights of using these overnight, I felt like my skin was healing. I was using my thrush cream during the day. In a week I could wear a shirt without pain. In two weeks I was back to normal, my nipple skin regrew. I started back to work 2 weeks after buying these, and I swear up and down that these saved my nursing relationship." - E.Gorman, Amazon review


-"Silverette cups saved my nipples and allowed me to continue breastfeeding during those tough early weeks. They soothed and healed my sore and blistered nipples. I honestly don't know how anyone breastfeeds without them. Happy mom happy baby!" - Valeria, Amazon review


-"The best thing I have ever purchased in my life! I seriously don't understand where these cups where, when i had my first child! These area lifesaver. My cracks are healing and the soreness is going away. A must have for all breast-feeding moms. Very easy to use no need to worry about applying no creams or lotion......Thanks Silverette" - Liliana, Amazon review


-"I don't know how these work but they are amazing! My cracked, bleeding skin was visibly improved in 24 hours, and completely healed in 48 hours. I haven't needed to use lanolin once since I began using these." - Amazon customer


-"I received these today & within hours of having them on. HOURS ladies, the next time I went to nurse, my nipples looked like brand new nipples! I have had mastitis 2 times & the baby & I have had thrush 3 times. I made it 9 months & want to continue, but this last bout of thrush was so painful I couldn't put myself grouch the pain anymore. Cracked, bleeding, sharp pain. I am hoping these little babies will keep my nips pain free. I plan on using them 24/7. Beware, if they move the outer part can pinch your breast. We'll see how it goes & I will update my review! I have also bought a nipple shield & am using it as well. Medela brand. It's helped a little too" - Ohabby1, Amazon review


-"Didn't use any other products but these and never had any breastfeeding issues/pain." - Amazon customer


-"Oh, M, G! These are a lifesaver! My son and I had a rough go at breastfeeding for the first month but then what mom/baby combo doesn't! I wore these all the time to protect my nipples and promote healing. I had a terrible tear on side of my nipple due to improper latching...ouchie! These are made of silver which is a natural antimicrobial and has healing properties. I am a registered nurse and we use silver in a lot of our wound care products to promote healing of skin wounds and to prevent infection. I highly recommend these nursing cups. Definitely wash your nipples after using prior to feeding your little one. My son rejected my nipples until I washed them off!" - Amanda H


-"I received the cups a week ago and have been using them regularly. No creams or oils at all and it's been wonderful!! I am finally getting relief in soreness and cracks are healing. I can't believe it's that simple and no messy creams. I only wish I had them a few weeks before, when I first started nursing!! Can't wait to tell all my mommy friends and family! Thank you again!!" - Franny


-"Silverette cups have been invaluable in helping our mother’s with nipple damage heal while continuing to breastfeed.” - Midwifery Care


-"Guess what? They worked. Within hours of wearing them, my nipples had turned from their usual purplish-red (the color of PAIN) to pink. The change in color was so profound that I ran to my husband to show him, and he was amazed. The pain had already begun to subside, and my wounds started looking better. Within three or four days, the wounds had significantly healed. And after a week or so, I was able to bring Lefty back into rotation after three weeks of her wounds being too bad for anything but manual expression." -


-"I love these cups! They allowed me to persevere with breast feeding, I probably would have given up without them. My baby boy had a very powerful suck but incorrect latch! The nipples would crack every time but thanks to the cups they healed within hours. After 8 painful weeks my baby finally got the hang of it! I never would have lasted 8 weeks with cracked nipples! Thanks silverette!!" - Alex82, Amazon review


-"I got these about four weeks post-partum on the recommendation of my awesome IBCLC (International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant). She said they're big in Europe, and other Lactation Consultants she knew had been raving about them. They are pricy, but I was desperate -- my nipples were badly damaged from early latch issues, including several layers of tissue damage on one side (and missing tissue), bleeding wounds on both sides, plus persistent redness and soreness. Nursing and latching was going better, but my nipples just would not heal fast enough for me to not be in agony every time. I tried everything - Medihoney, Dr. Jack Newman's APNO by prescription, Earth Mama Angel Baby nipple butter, coconut oil, olive oil, exposing them to air, keeping them moist, saline rinses/soaks, sunlight, nipple shield (which promptly filled with blood when I tried using it). Nothing worked and I was almost ready to quit despite all the hard work we had done and the improvement in latching technique." - P. Shepard, Amazon review


-"So. Desperate, I got these babies. And within hours my nipples had gone from bright red and painful looking to light pink and almost normal looking. Hours. I couldn't believe my eyes. I showed my husband and he agreed they looked like new nipples. The pain relief was also immediate though I was still not pain-free. But after a few days of wearing them, my nipples had made huge progress in healing. I never took them off after that, wore them 24/7 (and still do at 10 weeks postpartum), and my nipples healed almost completely. (I say almost because the one with the many layers of tissue damage had some permanent trauma damage that left me with vasospasms about half the time, so it still sometimes hurts...but nothing like before, obviously.) These Silverettes saved my nursing relationship. Ever since, I have recommended them to every nursing mom I know who is struggling in the early days. And with future babies, I will start wearing them 24/7 maybe even before the birth.
Some details:
For care, I wash them twice a day with baking soda paste. I wear them with a bamboo breast pad over them to catch leaks (and make the Madonna-nipple look less prominent). They do fill up a bit on the non-nursing side if you have a big letdown, so watch out for that (or purchase a Milkie milk saver). The rims do cut a little bit into your areola if they are not positioned just right or if the rim is on a Montgomery Gland (little bump on the areola). When this happens I just adjust them to be more comfortable. My nipples seem a bit dry sometimes wearing them, and maybe a bit greyish like the silver is changing their color. But I don't care about any of the inconveniences. These things save my life. You'll have to pry them from my cold, dead hands if you want me to stop wearing them!!!! They basically saved my nursing relationship with my baby.
That said, does anyone else who has worn them have tips on when you can stop wearing them, if ever? I've taken them off a couple of nights here and there when stomach sleeping, but otherwise I'm nervous to do so."


-"Hello! Thanks for checking up- my apologies for not keeping you posted!  I'm so impressed- not only has old sores and blisters cleared up, but it feels so much more comfortable to nurse, and they look much better! I'm so impressed. They do have a by more healing to go because they were pretty bad before, but I think within the next couple days they'll be back to perfect. I'm thinking of making it into the necklace, such a special idea. It's wonderful that you've made a product that enables women like myself to continue doing something so special for their babies." - Silverette mom


-"I'm nursing my third child and while teething she gave a few tough bites. Yikes! After trying lanolin and organic raw honey, I was still sore, most especially when she nursed before bed (her longest nursing time of the day). I had a few trouble spots that just didn't want to heal either. It seemed as soon as I would come close to healing, baby girl would give me a run for my money again. I did some research, and came across Silverette. In a matter of two days, I felt amazingly better. I am so happy to have found your nursing cups. Thank you for helping our nursing journey continue!"


-"Hello!I ordered the cups in December right before my baby was born and they are absolutely the BEST thing I have ever purchased in my life!  I have never had one problem or pain breastfeeding and I swear it's because of your Silverette cups. I don't understand how other moms are able to breastfeed without them.  I've told everyone about them! Thank you so much for such an amazing product!"


-"My sister in-law gifted these to me just before I had my baby. I used them the first day my son was born in the hospital. The nurses were checking on me as I was there and by day three they were all talking about how great my nipples looked-usually they would be cracked and raw after three days of nursing. They all wanted to know where to get them. I think these just started being sold in the US and were only previously available in Europe where they are very common. Wearing these amazing covers is so comfortable and easy-you can literally hear your nipples thanking you. I cannot recommend them enough. I buy them for every girlfriend of mine that is pregnant and they all rave about them and thank me. Well worth the money-TRUST ME!" - Melissa C., Amazon review


-"Love it!!!! My breast were so sore. I even had scalps on them... and had to stop breast feeding as a result. Thanks to silverette I can breast feed like a pro, with no pain !!!" - Amazon customer


-"I am so glad these are available in the US finally! I was given a pair by my midiwife when I had my first child in Geneva and they made all the difference. You have to wear them all the time when you are not breastfeeding (looks a bit silly under your bra) but they healed my cracked nipples in days and really helped me deal with the pain. You clean them twice a day with baking soda rather than soap and water. I also recommend wearing pads on top of them as breastmilk tends to leak out from underneath. They worked so much better than any cream for me though. I highly recommend if you are having pain with breastfeeding." - L.M. West, Amazon review


-"Expensive, but I totally worth it. I had yeast infection, blisters, cracked nipples, yellow scabs. these cups helped a lot (not for the thrush, of course). Now 6 months later, i got cracked nipples again (my twins are going through another growth spurt) and I am using the cups. Everything heals much faster with them."


-"After reading up on these little silver cups as much as I could, I caved and bought some. I can't believe how fast they helped. I've worn them as much as I could in the past 24 hours and for the first time in over 1 month, my left nipple doesn't hurt when my son latches! I've had a crack (that turned into mastitis) that just hasn't been able to heal because of the constant nursing. I have easily spent more money on creams and shirts than the cost of these cups, so it was a no-brainer to try one more solution. These are absolutely incredible, I can't believe I didn't know about them sooner!" - Samantha, Amazon review


-"The Silverette Nursing Cups were recommended by my lactation consultant after getting a rash while breastfeeding. The rash went away after ONE DAY! These are amazing! I am extremely happy with my purchase! So glad these are finally in the States now!"


-"Life savers! No cuts, no bleeding and a very happy nursing mum here!" - Candida, Amazon review


-"We wish we could mark 10 stars greatest product ever . Making feelings a breeze" - Amazon review



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