5 Reasons You Need Silverette in Your Hospital Bag

With so many breastfeeding products on the market, how is a new mom to know what to pack in her hospital go bag? Besides toiletries (and a comfy change of clothes), the top item on every moms list should be Silverette Nursing cups followed by our Nursing Cup Holder to keep them safe.

Let me give you 5 great reasons to grab a pair today and have them ready to go in your hospital bag!

Essential Nursing Cups for Your Hospital Bag: Why They're a Must-Have

1. Silverette are safe.

New moms have enough on their minds. Newborn snuggles and night feedings leave us groggy and overwhelmed. Silverette are a safe solution to nursing pain and discomfort. Their anatomical shape ensures that your nursing nipple is not compressed! Less compression means less chances of mastitis and clogged ducts.

2. Silverette nursing cups are natural. 

They are made of 925 sterling silver. Silver is natural  anti-inflammatory and  antimicrobial metal but very PRO mama. Silverettes got to work to soothe and prevent nipple damage without the use of medications.

3. Silverette are easy to use.

Moms have their hands full. Making their self-care as easy as possible should be every company’s goal. Using Silverette nursing cups is simple. Simply pop them on from your very first feeding and let them go to work! When you are ready to nurse, pop them off. No creams or oils to mess with. Easy on and easy off.

4. Silverette are a one-time purchase. 

Regardless of how many children you choose to have you keep using the same silver nursing cup. Silverette can be used again and again. Whether you have one child or ten, you can use the same pair of Silverette for each child. You do not need to buy an endless amount of creams or ointments. Plus, they are great for the environment! Think of all the plastic saved. I can hear Mother Nature singing the hallelujah chorus! Silverette even offers a recycling program for after you are done nursing.

5. Silverette are EFFECTIVE.

The most important thing about Silverette nursing cups is that they work. Not only are they safe and natural but they are also effective. Since 2002, Silverette USA has been helping women around the globe have #happynipples.


For “real results”, look at their Instagram photos!

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