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Silverette Nursing Cups

Silverette Nursing Cups
Amanda E. Beards

Silverette Nursing Cups

Quillyn Brown
A must to use with your Silverette cups

Using the O-feel rings makes the Silverette cups significantly more comfortable! And I was impressed with the customer service team who assisted quickly on an issue with my order.

Helpful but not all healing

Best thing about silverettes are that they create a barrier between your bra and your nipple so there is no painful sticking while you’re leaking in the first several weeks/months. I still use nipple balm, in addition to the silverettes, because I found my nipples to need the extra hydration.

Helped so much!

I have a lot of irritation from pumping and it’s helped soothe the areas affected.

Life savers

I had cracked, bleeding and sore nipples after one week of breastfeeding my newborn. I could immediately feel relief after putting them on! My nipples were back to normal after a few days. Thank you!!!

buy these!

if you’re wondering, if these actually work, yes they do! It got to the point to where I couldn’t even stand in the shower, facing the water and these have changed that! When I first got them, I wasn’t sure if they did work so I didn’t use them for about a day or so and I could definitely tell a difference. this is your sign to buy:)

These are saving my nipples right now. They protect them from rubbing on clothes when they’re already super sensitive. I originally ordered the size regular but needed the xl and customer service was amazing. Highly recommend these bad boys.

Must have

These made my breast feeding journey manageable. I’m not sure I would have survived the first few days if not for the silverettes. I also had creams and other pads— but I didn’t even use them once! The silverettes alone were able to manage any soreness. Cleaning them is super easy, too (which I appreciated as a very sleep deprived first-time mom). I could not recommend these more for an easier transition into nursing!

Silverette Nursing Cups
Leonora Carbajal
Worth it

These things definitely helped me, I recommend them.

Awesome product!

Quick shipping and works to protect and heal nipples. Definitely recommend!

Silverette Nursing Cups
Melinda Stewart
My new go to shower gift

I got these for myself after having cracked nipples due to a tongue tie. Within 10 days my nipples were fully healed and ready to go without Silverettes all day and night. These will now be my go to baby shower gift. I cannot recommend them enough. I bought XLs and will be doing the same for all gifts.

Jennette Anderson
These are vital!!!!

The silverettes are a life saver. I have had 8 kids and I’m due with twins now anyday and I breastfeed. I just started using Silverette last year (on the 8th baby) and let’s just say its now easy, theres fast healing and I’m successful with breastfeeding. The only negative was the Silverettes would smash and cut into my skin, but it was still worth successful breastfeeding. After realizing they made a silicon ring- lets just say it was an answered prayer!!!! Love it!!!! It’s been life-changing to me and I tell everyone its the secret to my success now!!!!!!

Silverette Nursing Cups
Andrea Aguilar
Game changer

I got the xl cups since my areolas are comical size at this point. Initially the cups worked well but then I noticed that certain movements and holding my baby made the cups move and feel like they were pinching my areola skin and ripping it off. So enter the o-Feels, GAME CHANGER. I can now see how the silverette cups were intended to be used and can reap the insane benefits of them. I can’t believe more people don’t know about these, I will be shouting it from the rooftops that a sliver of silver saved my nipples (and I’ll also tell random strangers at the mall.) so no woman ever has to worry about her Breastfeeding journey (and deal with disgusting lanolin again)

If your areolas have any raised glands get the O-FEELS, they will pair most excellently with the cups.

Silverette Nursing Cups
Danielle Gaito
Perfect gift!

My sister just had her first child and I got these for her as a gift —in less than two weeks she's called or texted me at least 4 different times to tell me how much she loves them, and how useful they are (especially during this California heat wave!)
Couldn't have gotten her a better "welcome baby" gift, hands down. Even our mother told me *she* has heard from my sister how obsessed she is with the cups. Thanks so much, the shipping time was mega fast too!

Recycling Program
Rachel Becker
Recycled silverette nursing cups

I love my necklace pendant. It is smooth, beautifully engraved, and reminds me of the connection and commitment I made with my baby. Thank you.

Silverette Nursing Cups
Zahra Mohammad. Kuwait
Healing remedy

I started using these early after giving birth. My baby has tounge and lip ties and breast feeding is not that much nice. I'm waiting to do the release soon. Its a must have product.

Feel like I was gifted a 2nd pair of nipples!

These were recommended to me by a lactation consultant in the hospital after I delivered. They are unbelievable and saved my nipples /made my breastfeeding journey possible. I will recommend to anyone I know who plans to breastfeed.

Silverette Nursing Cups
Jacqueline Lusignan
My go to shower gift

After having an incredible experience myself with Silverettes these are now my go to gift item for any new mom who plans to nurse!

Silverette Nursing Cups

These helped so quickly!

Silverette Nursing Cups
Courtney Sanderson

I am exclusively pumping and these have been amazing. Going on 3 months without any complications. Highly recommend!

Silverette XL Wholesale Order for professionals
Ying Chan

Silverette XL Wholesale

Silverette Nursing Cups
Elizabeth Fernandez
Saved my nipples

Keeps them moist and helps prevent blisters.

A MUST for breastfeeing Momma!

The rave reviews are truthful, I could not have endured the past 2 weeks without these silverettes - do yourself a favor and get them!