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Very pleased!!

I am so pleased with my silverettes! Purchased these bc NOTHING was helping me heal up after several weeks! Within two to three days there was a noticeable difference, not to mention they help with comfort! I’ve have already recommended to several friends! Will be keeping these for future breastfeeding journeys!

Amy Severin
Game changer

Totally a game changer. Without them they cut into my breast and hurt. These give a comfortable feeling and forget they are even there!

Amy Duong
must have with silverettes!

The silverettes are amazing, however they would always pinch me. The O feel helps get rid of the pinching!

Silverette Nursing Cups
Carolyn Bishop

Honestly, beginning my breastfeeding journey wasn’t easy. Instead of quitting, I ordered silverettes, and they are the BEST thing to have happened to my nipples in a long time. Don’t hesitate to buy these.

Yeast is finally going away

I’ve been dealing with yeast infections localized in my nipples and wearing these over the past few weeks has helped so much. Definitely worth the money spent!


I was fairly desperate to find a solution to my nipple pain caused by pumping constantly. I took a chance on these after trying ointments, butters and lanolin, and I have to say, I'm sooo happy I did. It eliminated the chafing and sensitivity issue almost immediately. My doctor had prescribed some nipple cream but now I don't need to use it. I was skeptical because of the price, but it really did provide relief that I needed and I wear them every day. Worth the money.

Silverette Nursing Cups

Silverette Nursing Cups
Madison Fjelstad
Worth it!

I was trying everything to heal my nipples and nothing was working. Then I heard about Silverette cups and wow. My nipples healed so fast! I was finally able to get relief and not be in constant pain. I tell all my mom friends about Silverette cups now!

Game changer

I was in severe pain the first week and a half breastfeeding, my nipples were sore, cracked, bleeding at times & it made breastfeeding brutal for me. Within about a day of using the silverettes my nipples began not being so sore and breastfeeding became tolerable for me. After the second day I have had little to no pain whatsoever. These have saved my breastfeeding journey & im so thankful.

Silverette Nursing Cups
Jessenia Holton
Life savers!

My nipples were destroyed after two weeks of breastfeeding: dry, cracked and so sore! Yikes!
In a desperate late night search.. I bought these. Literally life savers! Brought my nipples back to life. Buy them now before you desperately need them like me. You won’t regret it. EVERY new mom needs these!

Best PP purchase I’ve made!

Out of all my post partum products, these are definitely one of the most beneficial! This is my 3rd child and I ordered right before I had her. They came in the mail 2 days PP! I used them immediately and wore them 24/7 for almost 2 weeks. Let me say this is the most successful breastfeeding start I’ve had yet. Little to no pain. No cracked nipples. No blisters. No goopy lanolin all over my bras. I only used the Silverette cups. I’ve worked as a NICU nurse for many years. I will definitely be recommending these to many new moms! They are truly life changing in your breastfeeding journey.

I’ve wanted these with my previous pregnancy but the price was out of what I could do. I bought these in the seconds sale and I honestly can’t see any blemishes or problems with these!

Helps with Soreness/Pain control while breastfeeding

I am glad I made the investment to buy the Silverette’s, wearing them helps prevent my skin/nipples from drying out. I wonder what the product quality difference is between Silverettes and buying for cheaper off Amazon. I am glad I paid the extra costs purchasing from the main website. Thank you!

Restores my dry nipples

Restores my dry nipples after pumping and nursing. If baby pulls too hard then I put the silverettes on and voila.. magic.. my nipples are back to normal for the next feed. Amazing product!

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David Alperin
Wife loves them!

Thank you!

Buy them! Don’t second guess yourself

Best purchase I’ve made so far that’s truly help heal my sore nipples, I tried it all (lanolin, coconut oil, cabbage leaves, hot and cold packs etc). These by far are the best!

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So helpful!

So grateful a friend shared these with me as they’ve been so helpful and heal cracks and soreness overnight!

Fantastic Product

10/10 would recommend to any new mom! I used from day 1 of breastfeeding and have only had slightly sore nipples. Great baby shower gift! With these, I have not needed any other breast products-no Lanolin, no ice packs.

A Game Changer

My nipples were cracked and bleeding, but the Silverettes helped them heal! I’m finally able to breastfeed without any pain. They also help keep fabric off of your nipples to prevent further irritation. I would 100% recommend these.

Silverette Nursing Cups

I bought these for my daughter as a gift, as she’s breastfeeding her first child. She has done nothing but rave about them. They really work! Pricey, but worth every cent to avoid painful, cracked nipples. I wish they’d been around 32 years ago when I had her. Highly recommend!

Can't live without them!

My nipples hurt so bad I cried! I got these and wore them throughout the day with absolutely no pain the day after being in tears. These work! And I'm so glad I found them. Worth every penny!

Incredible Product!!

Save yourself the time and just buy these. I am going to gift these to all of my pregnant mama friends. I gave birth to my baby girl and didn't want to wear a bra for a few days and I got a crack on one nipple and the other was fairly sore. My midwife told me to wear my silverettes so I did, and within half a day I was no longer even sore! These are magic! They even double as a breast pad so long as you empty out the silverette every feeding. I don't even use anything to moisturize my nipples because there is no need. A postpartum essential.


I had cracked nipples within a few days of nursing my newborn. These came highly recommended by a nurse friend and within a few days of use, they were totally healed! I stopped using all nipple creams, ointments, etc. because they weren’t needed at all. I tried wearing the nipple cups both with and without the O-Ring, but I can honestly say they’re more comfortable with the O-Ring. I noticed an occasional pinch without them. However, the rings are a bit of a hassle to clean if you get any milk in the seam where they hug onto the nipple cup. Regardless, I wear these around the clock, and I highly recommend them for anyone who plans to nurse!

Silverette Nursing Cups
Tiffany Wilcome
Still has not shipped

I ordered the cups 18 days ago and they still have not shipped. I will change my review once I receive the product but as of now I am quite disappointed.


If you want to breastfeed without sore nipples or having to constantly use creams/lotions (which leave residue on clothes) I HIGHLY recommend these. I recommend the larger size, better to have more coverage vs. less.