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They’re ok

They seem to help. The only downside is how uncomfortable they are. They pinch my skin as I’m wearing them. No wonder there’s a zero feel silicone ring for purchase separately. Kind of wish it just came with the zero feel.

My Silverette gift to new mom

My daughter’s GF said they saved her in those early days and weeks!! Thank you !

Love these! My nipples were cracked and bleeding before using these. They were healed in less than a day of use! Definitely recommend.

Silverette Nursing Cups
Klaiduan Ramtape
It’s not for me

I heard good things about it. But i have been using it and it comes to the point that i realize nothing has changed at all. I guess My nipple is so sensitive for it .

These little things saved my nipples , LIKE FOR REAL!! Without them I think I would’ve given up.

Such a crucial product for breastfeeding and pumping!

These silverettes are incredible. They have kept my nipples soft and prevented cracking. Highly recommend these if you plan on breastfeeding and/or pumping.

The O-Feel ring (1 pair)
Samantha Schmitz
Works, but terrible design

The O-ring barely works when you need a Silverette that's taller, for a longer nipple. That is to say, when you want the Silverette benefits, but it just doesnt fit you. It's a horrible design: there's nothing to keep the O-ring and Silverette aligned, so they slide away from each other under your bra, so you're always carefully trying to align or re-align them. The obvious solution is that they just make a longer Silverette, but in the absence of that, you're stuck with this product.

They helped so much

I was really struggling with being in pain with breastfeeding. I was told by multiple Mom’s that these are life savors! I didn’t hesitate to buy them and they have truly lived up to all the hype! I would recommend this to any breastfeeding Mom.

Uncomfortable/bad odor

These seem to be helping with the nipple pain I was experiencing but wearing them can be quite uncomfortable and now feel like I have to spend additional money for the o-feels. They also smell really bad when I take them off.

Healthy Healing

I bought these for my daughter who was struggling with very painful nipples during breast feeding her infant. She was amazed at how quickly the natural healing process began and things turned around. Highly recommend.

Love them. Wish I had purchased with my first baby!

This is a gift, not for my personal use.

I really like these with the O-Feels. I bought off brand that dug into my boobs and hurt me, these don’t do that with the o-feels and i love having the option to get them.

Happy with it

Simple and nice. Happy to have it!

Cute boobie paper!

Silverette Nursing Cups

Delivered on time. Was a gift so I can’t really say yet as to the effectiveness.

Not worth the splurge

I do not feel that these helped me heal in any way, nor did they provide the comfort I expected. Very disappointed

Never received Silverette Nursing Cups!

Nothing to review since I haven’t received it! Maybe you should think about using a different shipping method besides the US Post Office!

Silverette Nursing Cups
Johandra Gonzalez
A must

As a first time mom breastfeeding hasn’t been as easy as I thought it would be. These Silverette cups have made things much easier and my nipples definitely appreciate it


Wonderful to work with the Silverette team. I breastfed twins and used these for an entire year. Obviously I then wanted 2 initials, and that was easily accomodated. Thanks again I love it!

Silverette Nursing Cups
Enease Mansoorian
Must have

Life changing. I was skeptical but they work sooooo well. Do yourself a favor and get these before birth!

I loved the packaging and the updates they did with the rubber piece

Silverette Nursing Cups
Tinnesha Taylor
Breastfeeding Saved

I was in so much pain I was about to give up breastfeeding but silverettes allowed me to heal and continue to provide relief when I need it. Super lightweight it’s like they aren’t even there.

Silverette Nursing Cups
Camila Manso Musso

Couldn’t use a bra without it.

They work but uncomfortable

I got these after delivering my 2nd baby, I had all kinds of latch and breast/nipple issues with my first. I’ve been wearing them for a few days now and they’ve definitely helped my nipples heal! My only problem is that under my nursing bras and tanks they compress into my breast which is very uncomfortable to the point that there’s indents where the outside ring of the cup was pressing. I do have larger breasts to begin with, so maybe they’d be more comfortable with a smaller chest? I deal with it because they’re helping, but I can wear them consistently because of how uncomfortable they are.