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They hurt

I have large chest and large areolas. The XL silverettes cover my nipples great but when wearing them for more than a couple hours, they dig into my areolas so much that they hurt badly and I have to take them off. Even if I got the silverettes with the extra edge piece, it would still cause pressure sores on my areolas. Need to make wider ones for those of us with large nipples AND areolas.... more tapered wide edges. I can't speak to how well they work for intended purpose because I can't wear them for long without them killing my areolas.

Helped so much! Worth the purchase!

The silverettes have helped my sore, cracked and bleeding nipples tremendously! Highly recommend for new breastfeeding mommas trying to learn to latch!

Silverette Nursing Cups
Renee Holquinn

They’ve been super helpful in many ways including calming the pain from thrush and protecting my nipples from anymore damage. Much better than using the disposable pads which stuck to me, these cups haven’t hurt me at all. Thank you.

Tiffany James
Helps so much

Bought silverettes with my first son 7 years ago. They were lifesavers then, but attempting to use them with my 3rd child this year, they seemed to cut into my skin and were uncomfortable. When i found o-feel i had to give them a try. They were gamechangers. No more discomfort.

Silverette Nursing Cups
Alley Blackwelder
Haven’t received my order

Still haven’t received my order after 2 weeks

Essential for Breastfeeding But O Ring is a must

These are absolute essentials and life savers for nursing. They helped keep me going during the cluster feeding stage (when you’re sore and trying to acclimate) and beyond. They provide a protective barrier and help keep the area dry better than the shells I also tried. The manic of silver’s anti-microbial properties is so key. Important tip. You MUST get the O-ring. Due to the design the outer ring can pinch your skin from time to time (ouch!!). The O ring should protect this as it goes around the circle.

Silverette Nursing Cups
Anne Boudousquie

Instant relief!!! My nipples were cracked and bleeding when I got my silverettes and within a day they were able to heal and now pumping is painless. I true lifesaver I don’t know how much longer I could have gone on without them!

Absolute must!

I’m a first time mom, and I wanted to breast feed without no hesitation, but I don’t think I would’ve continued to do so without my silverettes. I’m one week in and I’m going to keep breast feeding, all thanks to my silverettes and organic nipple balm. They’re really worth it.

100% yes!

Silverettes saved my breastfeeding journey! New to breastfeeding left me with cracked and sore nipples, I truly considered giving up. Once receiving these in the mail, I saw a big change within a day or two of wearing them. Would highly recommend purchasing!

Never received

I never received my order can you help me replace?


Gave my nipples a metallic taste so my baby refuses to feed . I also feel like they are burning my nipples when they are on .

Worked well, but cause rashes

It worked really well at 1st, but then my skin around the nipple started to get red and itchy. If you’re not allergic to it, it definitely works very well.

Silverette Nursing Cups
Kayleigh Barnett-Bugg
Nipple saver

I really don’t think I could have made through this breastfeeding journey without my silverettes. Thank you sooo much!

Silverette Nursing Cups

Very soothing for sore nipples

My OB recommended that I give these a try and I’m pleasantly surprised by how well they work. They’re easy to use and very soothing for my sore nipples. I love how easy they are to clean as well.

great customer service

Contacted the company about an order and cannot speak more highly of the customer service and response time. I don’t have an overall review of the product because I purchased for my sister in law but it says it all that it was the only thing on her registry that was a must have. Thank you silverette.

Alondra Disla Espinal
Didn’t think I needed them

I ordered my silverette nursing cups through Amazon because I had a huge crack on my nipple that was not healing but I didn’t ordered it with the o-feel. It was so silly of me voy to think I was not going to need the o-feel 🤣 but I indeed needed them because my skin around the areola was getting caught by the edges of my silverette nursing cups when I carried the baby. So I ordered the o-feel here on the website and it just made everything much better. I wear my silver nursing cups with the o-feel day and night. They saved my nipples!

Does not stay reliably closed

You can store your o’feel rings or silverettes in here but then keep the container in a pouch or zippered pocket. Do not make the mistake I made and attach it to the outside of bag/purse. I had this attached to my hospital bag handle and at some point it came open and I lost my brand new o’feels and had to purchase another set

Game 👏🏻 changer 👏🏻

These have completely changed my breastfeeding experience. I wear them constantly if I’m not nursing and my nipples are finally healed. Everyone needs these! I just wish I had mine from the beginning!

I was getting a yeast infection every couple weeks and they were cracking and bleeding. Since getting these no more infection, no more cracking, no bleeding. It’s so much nicer to feed my baby! Thank you!❤️


I love them! Wish I had bought them for my first! Definitely on my recommendation list for new moms.

Silverette Nursing Cups

Saved by the Silverettes!

These have been such a lifesaver for my elastic nipples. I’d been struggling with cracks and blisters for weeks. These cups have been the only thing giving me some relief.

Package not received

I have not received my package and I am due in 3 days! I ordered this over 2 weeks ago.

Saved My Nipples!

I thought about giving up on breastfeeding 100 times a day until I got Silverettes. My nipples were scabbed, sore, and in horrible pain every time my baby latched. I had terrible anxiety when it was time to feed my LO because of the pain I knew was coming. All of that went away when I got these. I will recommend them to every new mother who will be breastfeeding and purchase them for every baby shower gift. They were the greatest gift I received as a mother.