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Silverette Nursing Cups

Silverette Nursing Cups
Rachael Turner
Amazing and worth the hype!

Where were these magical solutions when I nursed my first 2 babies? I used Silverette nursing cups this spring after my third child was born and the pain was minimal it is insane! I spent so much money on products to reduce nipple pain with nursing for my first 2 babies but it seemed that I ultimately just needed to power through in those early days of extreme sensitivity. This time around, even in the days of cluster feeding every hour, the Silverette cups magically relieved my irritated nipples and kept me sane. These will now be my go to baby shower gift for new moms!

100% saved me! I had mastitis twice before using these and my nipples were always sore from nursing twins (I didn’t pump often but I NEEDED these after pumping) saved my life and my boobs!

Healing Quickly

I've been having a lot of pain on my left side and since I started wearing the silverette's, it really jump started the healing processes. It used to be really painful every time baby would latched but it's much more comfortable now. My only issue is I get these slight bumps / bubbles (not sure how to describe them) around the nipple tissue, I just have to massage them for a minute and they go away. I was wearing it around the clock though, so I think giving them a break every now and then will help with that. Either way, they were definitely worth the money. Getting any relief is amazing.

Silverette Nursing Cups
Sharon VanHouten
They are fantastic, but double ordered. How can I return them??

How can I return due to a double order....

Sweet Relief 🫠

The Silverette edges were started to hurt/leave indentations so the silicone rings helped quite a bit. The only “issue” is milk will seep in/get stuck in the rings so frequent washing is required.

Worked for me

I have an inverted nipple and it was so sore from nursing and had an area of open skin. It took about a week of on off nursing/using a hand pump while wearing the silverette
on that side for it to fully heal. Now I don’t need to wear it anymore. Seems so pricey for just one week’s use but I tried nipple butter, lanolin, ice packs and plain breast milk and nothing worked.

Happy Nipples Silverette Holder

Yes, yes, yes. Believe the hype!!!! These will save your nipples!

Very soothing for sore, cracked nipples

Helps soothe

These are amazing at helping soothe however I feel like the exterior tarnishes and turns very soon after buying.

I'm glad they ran the sale for the irregular ones. I was able to afford a pair.

The O-Feel ring (1 pair)
Katerina Serra-Jovenich

These helped make the silverettes more comfortable. No more pinching. Wish I had gotten these in the first place!

The O-Feel ring (1 pair)
Victoria Jayroe

The O-Feel ring (1 pair)

Silverette Nursing Cups

Holder comes in handy!

I bought the holder because I'm tired of losing my nipple shields or trying to look for them in the middle of the night. It's quite large but hard to lose. I love it because it keeps my shields safe and accessible. Glad I bought it!


I was struggling to wear my silverettes due to the edges causing me pain. They worked so well so I was thankful to find a solution! Definitely worth it!


I'm 13 weeks pregnant and I've been experiencing severe breast pain and nipple irritation. My midwife suggested that I buy these early to see if the breast pain would go away if my nipples weren't so irritated, luckily her theory was correct!

Mamélie Nursing Pads

Mamélie Nursing Pads

Silverette Nursing Cups
Krista Cerecero

These made breast feeding so much more comfortable! Helped heal my cracks in between feedings and even worked better than the nipple balm I tried. Highly recommend!

It's nice

It's nice to have, but a little pricey for what it is. Especially, since I bought the silverettes and then had to pay to have it made into a necklace. Overall, it's nice, but I don't think I would pay the money again.

These are magic!

Do not start breastfeeding without these. They are truly a game changer and health my blistered, scabbed nipples in days.

Silverette Nursing Cups

Silverette Nursing Cups
Jada Dobrinski
Saved my breast feeding journey

It took me a lot of back and forth to decide if I wanted to spend the money on this product because there is so much cost associated with a new baby already. I gave birth to a healthy baby that loves to nurse and by day 2 of constant latching my nipples were cracked and I was in a lot of pain. I started wearing my Silverettes 24/7 when I wasn’t nursing and they healed me so quickly it saved my whole breast feeding journey. I was close to throwing in the towel between the pain and waiting for my milk to transition, but luckily this product lives up to its reputation.

Silverette Nursing Cups
Maggie Presley
Very soothing

This is my first time breastfeeding so I have no other experience, but I have been using my silverettes since day one and am very happy. It appears as if the cups are helping my nipples stay moist and protected between feedings. The cool silver feels so nice after a feed and the design of the cup allows for some expressed milk to sit on the nipple and nourish the skin. I have so far had no need for additional moisturizers or skin protectors.