Breastfeeding should be a pain-free journey

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Ciao, mamas! Meet Camilla and Anna, the founders of Silverette® USA. Since 2013, they’ve dedicated their lives to helping mothers around the world have successful and pain-free breastfeeding journeys. As mamas themselves, they know just how challenging nursing and pumping can be – but they know just how magical it can be, too! Nothing brings Anna and Camilla more joy than helping women access safe, natural nipple relief, so they can be present and enjoy every moment of the breastfeeding experience.

Our Story

Like so many other great stories, Silverette® began in New York City. Camilla and Anna had recently moved there from Italy and met while working together at a high-end fashion showroom. Both new nursing mothers themselves, they bonded over their shared experiences with nipple pain and recurring infections and turned to silver for relief. To their amazement, it worked! Thrilled at finding a safe and natural solution, they combined their powers and brought Silverette® to life.

Breastfeeding should be a pain-free journey      

Passion + hard work = magic

At the beginning, Anna and Camilla worked tirelessly out of their small NYC apartments. Between diaper changes, feeding, raising children, and day jobs, they dedicated their time to spreading the word about Silverette® and chasing their dream of helping mothers nurse and pump without pain. Their determination and drive supported them as they fought toward that goal, and like every woman with passion and ambition, they made magic happen. Almost ten years later, Silverette® is still going strong!

Helping mothers everywhere

In 2013, they were new moms with a dream. Today, Camilla and Anna have five beautiful children between them and remain just as committed to making pain-free nursing and pumping a reality. Still steadfast in their desire to bring hope, healing, and comfort to mothers around the world, Anna and Camilla have grown Silverette® into a flourishing international business. Recently, they expanded their enterprise to include Mamélie®, a line of proprietary, organic bamboo nursing pads. Their life’s work is to help mamas everywhere join the #happynipple™ club!

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