MAMÉLIE® – The Original Glow-In-The-Dark Nursing Pads - Never Forget to Switch Sides Again

Breastfeeding isn’t easy, but with Mamélie® on your team, it can be more fun!

Ever woken up to one of your melons being too ripe? So have we! That’s why we invented Mamélie®, our patented, organic bamboo nursing pads that make accidental breast engorgement and leakage a thing of the past. With cheeky labels for “ripe” and “juiced” and a unique glow-in-the-dark design, you’ll always know which side you last nursed on, day or night.

With Mamélie®, you’ll never have to wonder which melon is ripe and which needs a little longer on the vine – no matter when the hunger cries hit. Say goodbye to breast amnesia for good and never forget to switch sides again!

Breastfeeding should be a pain-free journey      

High-quality: Mamélie® pads have a soft organic bamboo exterior, making them comfortable for even the most sensitive lactating breasts. Their absorbent fabrication means spills and leaks will be the last of your worries!

Durable: Just like you, Mamélie® pads are resilient and ready for anything. A waterproof TPU and microfiber inner means they’ll stand the test of time – and their included carrying bag means you can store them in style!

Easy to use: Who knew remembering which side to nurse could be such a pain? Now you never have to think - Mamélie® pads have your back (and front)! Wear “juiced” on the breast you last used and “ripe” on the one that’s ready for action next time.

Glow in the dark: Nighttime nursing? We got you! Mamélie® pads are glow-in-the-dark, so you can spend more time sleeping and less time fumbling for the light. The best part? They’re charged by nature – just lay them under a light source so they can absorb some UV rays!

Washable and reusable: Caring for your Mamélie® pads couldn’t be easier. Just throw them in a lingerie bag and wash them on the coldest setting, then run them through the dryer on a gentle cycle. They can also be hand-washed and air-dried!

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