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Baby Anna

Anna grew up in Bulgarno', a small country village on the Adriatic Coast. She has a Master's Degree in English Literature from the University of Bologna but she has always worked in fashion to support her studies. She moved to New York after her husband had been offered a Ph.D position at Columbia University, and she ended up working in a fashion showroom while doing event planning at the same time. She travels back and forth between Europe and the US for her jobs. She got pregnant at the end of 2011 and when the delivery date was close she started looking for Silverette. She was amazed that the "magic" cups were not sold in the United States. That's when she realized that she had to do something to help other moms enjoy breastfeeding - with no pain like she did! She has a beautiful little boy whom she breastfed for one year. They love to play in the park and laugh out loud.

Baby Camilla


Camilla was born and raised in Florence. She successfully completed her studies at the College of Medicine and Dentistry in Italy and then decided to take a sabbatical year before starting her practice. She moved to New York where she ended up working in a Fashion Showroom and eventually never moved back to Italy and Medicine. She pursued her fashion career for 10 years travelling all over the world. She has two small kids and after a disastrous breastfeeding experience with her first she was introduced to Silverette while pregnant with her second and vacationing in Italy. She then successfully breastfed for almost a year when her “big boy” decided to wean himself to be able to eat chocolate and spaghetti! That’s when she realized she wanted to do more of her life and decided she wanted to help other mothers like her and Silverette USA was born.




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