Meet our Founders: Anna Forlesi and Camilla Bazzanti

Ciao Mamas! We are the founders of Silverette USA. Since 2014, our passion has been helping mamas have a successful and pain free breastfeeding journey. We are committed to partnering with women all over the globe to bring them the most natural and effective nipple cups on the planet. Why? Because we are moms too!

Here’s our story. Like every good dream, it all began in New York City. Both of us had recently moved from Italy and met while working together at a high-end fashion show room. As new moms, we both suffered from nipple pain and recurring infections. We turned to Silverette for help and they worked! We finally found a natural solution.

We discussed the magic and research-based science of Silverette nursing cups and the passion took hold! We knew that mothers needed to hear about this incredible product. If Silverette could be so effective for us, they could work for anyone! Thousands of mothers are walking away from breastfeeding due to pain and infections…there had to be a better way.

We started working out of our small New York apartments. Between diaper changes, feeding and our day jobs, we worked tirelessly to spread the word about Silverettes. Our passion has always been to help mothers continue to breastfeed without nipple pain. Women with a dream and determination can accomplish anything. When passion meets hard work, magic can happen!

Today, we have 5 beautiful children between us. Our passion remains just as strong to help mamas just like YOU!  Back in 2014, we were two mothers with a dream. Today, our passion remains steadfast. We are committed to bringing hope, healing and comfort to every nursing mother. It is our life’s work. We proudly partner with you to make sure you have #happynipples!

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