The Wonders of Silverette Nursing Cups

While we endearingly use the word magical to explain the wonders of Silverette, the benefits of silver are based on scientific fact and research. For centuries, silver has been used in the medical field for wound care. Modern day medicine uses silver to prevent and treat infections in patients with second and third-degree burns. 


Magic Benefits Of Using Silver With Nursing Cups

Did you know that in the 1960’s NASA developed a lightweight water purifier for astronauts to use on the Apollo Missions? This small, 9-ounce purifier released SILVER ions into the spacecrafts water supply to effectively kill off bacteria.

Copper and Silver have been used for centuries to sanitize water. Copper is a well-known algicide and silver is a powerful bactericide. From royalty… to the ancient Greeks… to the American pioneer settlers, silver has been a staple in purifying drinking water.

Silverette nursing cups are made of sterling silver. They use the magic power of silver to soothe nursing nipples. Not only do they soothe the skin, but they also act as a barrier against the nursing pad and nursing bra which could further irritate the nipple.


Benefits of using the orginal silver Nursing Cups

Understanding the Functionality of Silverette® Nursing Cups When Breastfeeding

The onset of breastfeeding is often accompanied by the challenge of sore and cracked nipples, a discomfort that typically emerges within the first 24 hours. Silverette® nursing cups, crafted from premium 925 silver, are specifically designed to offer relief and healing for sore, cracked, and painful nipples.

Thanks to their unique patented design, the 925 silver directly contacts and nurtures the affected nipple area, fostering an environment conducive to protection, soothing, and healing.

For optimal results, it's advisable for mothers to use Silverette® cups both as a preventative measure and in conjunction with efforts to improve their baby's latch positioning. Usage is straightforward: simply place the cups over the nipples and secure them with a nursing bra. No additional padding is necessary.

Remember, while Silverette® cups provide substantial relief, professional consultation is always recommended for persistent pain or latching difficulties.


Exploring the Effectiveness of Silverette® Nursing Cups


Silver's renowned anti-inflammatory qualities offer soothing relief for skin affected by inflammation, soreness, or swelling. This is particularly beneficial for mothers dealing with nipple cracks and soreness, often due to improper latching during breastfeeding.


The natural properties of silver are effective in halting the proliferation of bacteria. Silverette® cups are a convenient solution for mothers, aiding in healing between feeds without the need for constant sterilization.


Nipple thrush, a common occurrence in the presence of sore or cracked nipples, can be effectively countered by silver’s anti-fungal properties. Silverette® can be used alongside prescribed medical treatments, contributing to the recovery from nipple thrush.


Known for its antimicrobial benefits, silver helps reduce the presence of bacteria, mold, and fungi. Regular use of Silverette® may enhance protection by persistently inhibiting microbial growth on the skin’s surface over extended periods.


Why Choose Silverette® Nursing Cups for Breastfeeding Comfort?

Breastfeeding, while a beautiful experience, often comes with the challenge of sore nipples. This discomfort frequently arises from improper latching, transforming what starts as slight skin abrasion on the nipples into more painful, cracked skin.

Many mothers resort to creams for relief, but these often only cover up the problem rather than effectively soothing and healing the nipples between feedings. While seeking professional advice to correct the underlying issue, Silverette® nursing cups offer a trifecta of benefits: they prevent further irritation, provide comfort, and aid in the healing process.

Expertly designed to capitalize on the natural healing properties of silver, these cups are meant to be worn by mothers in the intervals between breastfeeding sessions, offering continuous and gentle care for the nipples.

So simply pop your nursing cups on from the very first feeding to prevent nipple irritation. No creams or oils needed! Pop off when breastfeeding and pop right back on! Its simple and its scientific. Happy nipples!



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