The Wonders of Silverette Nursing Cups

While we endearingly use the word magical to explain the wonders of Silverette, the benefits of silver are based on scientific fact and research. For centuries, silver has been used in the medical field for wound care.  Modern day medicine uses silver to prevent and treat infections in patients with second- and third-degree burns. 

Did you know that in the 1960’s NASA developed a lightweight water purifier for astronauts to use on the Apollo Missions? This small, 9-ounce purifier released SILVER ions into the spacecrafts water supply to effectively kill off bacteria.

Copper and Silver have been used for centuries to sanitize water. Copper is a well known algicide and silver is a powerful bactericide. From royalty… to the ancient Greeks… to the American pioneer settlers, silver has been a staple in purifying drinking water.

Silverette nursing cups are made of sterling silver. They use the magic power of silver to soothe nursing nipples.Not only do they soothe the skin, but they also act as a barrier against the nursing pad and nursing bra which could further irritate the nipple.

Simply pop your Silverette nursing cups on from the very first feeding to prevent nipple irritation. No creams or oils needed! Pop off when breastfeeding and pop right back on! Its simple and its scientific. Happy nipples!

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